Hi, I'm Chelsea

With support from my Ashkenazi ancestors, my teachers, & mentors, I want to share my gift with you. As a community herbalist, I connect people with plants and deep healing.  Together we can build a more liberated world. My work in community herbalism is a privilege and part of a larger movement.  I practice and teach herbalism with a desire to share, especially with those who might not otherwise find this healing accessible (disabled, queer, low income, diasporic.)

For almost 15 years, I have experienced pleasure exploring, brewing, concocting, and studying plant medicine and wellness. I am so excited to meet you and expand our collective web of connections! I hope to introduce you to plant allies and other friends to aid in healing. Creating custom herbal formulas for people brings me so much joy.  

I am inspired by community wellness, lessons from honeybees, queerness, and the power of kindness. My work combines formal and inherited education from many traditions including Judaism, Ayurveda, Raja Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Astrology. 

Thank you for taking the time to meet me, supporting this work, and visiting my website! 


Offerings & Rates

My preferred method of connection is one-on-one consultations. In a private session, you will share and I will listen, drawing on my background of learned and inherited, intuitive healing and conversation. I will offer lifestyle recommendations

and build you a custom herbal formula, as needed. These meetings can be in person or at a distance. Together, we can explore a variety of topics including matters of the heart, indigestion, life transitions, menstrual cramps, anxiety, grief, or even a common cold!

Current Offerings:

Initial Intake (90 minutes) - First time meeting me? Let's make room to get to know one another and explore your history and present day situation, leaving time for questions and connection. 

Returning Consultation (60 minutes) - Returning to discuss what came up for you since we last connected? Or maybe something new needs to be addressed? Let's plan for an hour! 

Quick Consultation (30 minutes) - Do you want a refill of your order? Common cold? Busy week, but you want to talk? Let's schedule 30 minutes and determine if there's a need for tweaking the recipe and touch base.

Custom Blends: 

I source ethically harvested and organically grown plants that are typically preserved with brandy (alcohol) or dried. I also create and purchase flower and gem essences that make their way into custom formulas. Non-alcoholic options are available, but limited. Instructions will be provided with the blend. 

My Current Rates:  

In the spirit of gift economy, any monetary contribution is welcome. Pay only what you can and what feels comfortable for you at the time of service.  


Why Community Herbalism?

Many of us in the United States have been separated from seeing and knowing the Earth as a living being. This disconnection is causing massive destruction to our ecosystems including racism, antisemitism, anxiety, pollution, over-harvesting, and more. I believe cultivating a relationship with the Earth and the cycles of the seasons is one powerful step toward healing. We are in the midst of a climate crisis (or what some of us are calling a life crisis) Healing our ourselves will help us further heal our families, our communities, our nation, and our future. I simply want to empower you to take charge of your health and your life. Awaken your own intuition and magic! 

The work I currently offer with plant medicine is intended to be complementary to your wellness plan. I hope to support you on your journey and provide holistic exercises based on my training with herbs, yoga, the seasons, and flower essences. Our consultations are not a replacement for professional mental health therapy, primary care physicians, or physical therapists. 

Formally, I completed my 350-hour Yoga Certification at Yoga Now in 2011, where I also studied Ayurveda, taught weekly classes, and mentored other students under the guidance of Susi Amendola for a total of 10 years. For two years, I worked closely with Registered Clinical Herbalist, Kate Bodmann, at Omaha Whole Living, and completed Rosemary Gladstar's year-long Science & Art of Herbalism Course. I completed certifications in Humane Education, Permaculture Design, and most recently the JOFEE fellowship. 

More classes and workshops coming soon! I love to teach! Have an idea? 


Let's connect!

Chelsea Taxman, RYT

questions, comments, & love notes are welcome

email: chelseataxman@gmail.com

instagram: @moon.beam.dreams

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